AstroAI Whitepaper
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Staking in AstroAI allows users to earn rewards by holding and locking up $ASTROAI tokens in the network. The staking process is designed to secure the AstroAI network and ensure its continued operation.
Users who participate in staking will receive a percentage of the total $ASTROAI tokens that are locked up in the network. The staking rewards will be distributed based on the amount of $ASTROAI that a user stakes and the duration of their stake.
To participate in staking, users must hold $ASTROAI tokens in their wallet and follow the staking requirements. This includes a minimum stake requirement and a specified locking period for their tokens.
Staking in AstroAI will help to incentivize long-term holding of $ASTROAI tokens, promote network stability, and contribute to the overall growth of the AstroAI ecosystem.