AstroAI Whitepaper
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Token name: ASTROAI
Token type: BEP-20 (based on the BNB CHAIN blockchain)
Total supply: 10,000,000 ASTRO
Initial token distribution:
  • 20% to presale investors
  • 12% to liquidity pool
  • 5% for team
  • 15% for CEX listing and , Bitmart listing, and startup
  • 3% for airdrop and blockchain ecosystem building
  • 10% for farming and staking rewards
  • 10% for AI rewards
  • 15% to the community (ecosystem building and marketing)
  • 10% for partnership
Token use cases:
As a native cryptocurrency of the AstroAI platform, the $ASTROAI token is an essential element of the platform's ecosystem. Built on top of the blockchain technology, the AstroAI platform offers a range of advanced artificial intelligence utilities that enable users to make informed investment decisions and maximize their profits.
Access to the AstroAI platform services and products Payments for the usage of AI-powered tools and services within the platform Staking mechanism to participate in network governance and earn rewards Buying and selling computational resources on the platform's decentralized market
One of the key utilities of the $ASTROAI token is its investment functionality. The platform's unique negative tax structure offers users a 5% bonus on their purchase of $ASTROAI tokens, which can help to increase their investment and earning potential. Additionally, the sell tax for $ASTROAI tokens is only 3%, making it a relatively low-cost option for users who want to sell their tokens and exit their investments.
In addition to its investment functionality, the $ASTROAI token also serves as a valuable asset for trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges. As the demand for $ASTROAI tokens grows, so does their liquidity and value, enabling users to benefit from trading opportunities and manage their investments more effectively.
Furthermore, the $ASTROAI token plays a vital role in the governance of the AstroAI platform. Token holders can participate in the platform's decision-making processes and vote on important proposals related to the platform's future direction. This democratic governance model ensures that the platform's development is aligned with the needs and preferences of its users, and that the platform's resources are allocated in an efficient and transparent manner.
Finally, the $ASTROAI token can be used to access and pay for various platform services, such as transaction fees, trading fees, and other platform services. This helps to create a seamless user experience and ensures that the platform's operations are self-sustaining and efficient.
Overall, the $ASTROAI token is a versatile and valuable asset that unlocks a range of functionalities and benefits within the AstroAI ecosystem. With its powerful blockchain technology and advanced AI utilities, AstroAI is poised to become a leading player in the world of finance and investing.